Cruelty free materials barel vegan friendly materials

Cruelty-free materials

BAREL makes use of cruelty-free materials. Fabrics and microfibers are selected from the best Italian non- leather products.

Mycro is a superior quality MicroFiber covered by Italian patent. Its 3D structure gives the appearance of the natural leather with even better features. Compared to the best leathers, it is stronger and more stable over time; same thickness, it is three times lighter. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

From Mycro, Microfashion born, a refined and innovative product line made using advanced digital printing techniques and manufacturings made on a high quality microfiber support.

Among the fabrics there are eco-chamois, refined and soft to the touch; exotic prints in natural or flashy colors; coated fabrics and bases manufactured on the surface with resin and glitter applications; metallized or extra- matt fabrics and the precious velvets. All vegan-friendly materials.

Cruelty free materials barel vegan friendly materials